A busy restaurant is susceptible to many hazards.  The interaction a restaurant has with the public means there is always chance that a customer can slip or fall and then same with an employee.  The premises itself is always open to theft, fire or damage and therefore to ensure all these factors are covered this is why restaurant liability insurance is a must for any restaurant owner.  The food and service in a restaurant is obviously the priority but without insurance this can be completely voided.

Why buy restaurant insurance?

If you are an owner of a restaurant then restaurant insurance is essential.  The amount of dealings done with customers and food make a very high risk combination that without cover would be very expensive and damaging to deal with. It is also illegal to have employees without purchasing and displaying Employers liability insurance as the fines you will have to pay will drain your finance and have you shut down sooner than any bad menu.

What does restaurant insurance get you?

Restaurants vary in style, size and location so there are many different insurance policies that restaurant businesses can opt for.  There are two main insurance policies to cover restaurants. Business property insurance protects the building from any damage as well as the furnishings and equipment. Cheap restaurant insurance can also cover stock as most restaurants often have a high amount of stock on the premises or transfers that take place. Compensation for any losses and damage will stop you making a loss financially.  Business general liability means that the interaction a restaurant has with third parties will have compensation if any incident or accident occurs.  This would cover both employees and customers.  A slip on wet flood or spilt food is very common in this line of work so it is vital to avoid a hefty court case.  Other varieties on policies such as liquor liability in case a customer harms themselves whilst drinking can be purchased and food contamination insurance can be bought in the case of electrical power loss where food is spoiled.

What to watch out for?

Getting a good deal with restaurant insurance requires you to do your research. Make a list of the insurance needs specific to your restaurant and even if you have to pay a bit more than budgeted at least you will know that you are covered for all aspects of your business.  Although menus and service are high priorities to restaurant owners insurance should not be put in the back burner as it could result in a very expensive law suit.

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