Salon Insurance for Beaticians and Hairdressers

Whether you own a UK hair or nail then beauty salon insurance is essential to protect your business. Whether your business is well run or only very small hazards are always round the corner so insurance is a must.

Why buy salon insurance?
Even if you are a mobile salon stylist or work from home there are still possible issues that could arise with costly consequences. Working in a business that promotes luxury and pampering means when things go wrong the expectations of the customer or client can then result in legal battles and expensive fees. With insurance you know even if the worst happens you have a safety net to fall back on and compensation and fees can be paid for you.

Different salon insurance options
There are different coverage options as not every salon is the same. Generally no matter what kind of salon you own or run material damage insurance would be needed as this covers– contents, stock and equipment that are on the premises. You can also purchase business interruption insurance so in the case of anything happening to prevent business from taking place there is money compensated to stop you going out of business. One of the most important insurance policies to consider in the UK salon industry is liability.

Product liability and treatment risks insurance can be bought as if you own a beauty salon treatments such as tinting, waxing, epilation and skin treatments can in some cases cause injury or allergic reactions. Similarly the use of products and hair dye in hair salons can also run the same risks. A pampering treat can turn into a horrible disaster so to prevent this from threatening your business insurance can keep you secure in covering any legal fees or injury costs. In the same way repetitive use of such substances can have a detrimental effect on a salon employee’s health. Employer’s liability insurance can be purchased so that the same coverage applies here, anything they held working at the salon responsible for would be paid for by your insurance.

What to avoid
Try to make sure you do skin tests or customers before using irritable products and that employee’s wear gloves is handling them frequently too. Good documentation can also help to avoid excessive amounts of claims such as getting customers to sign the correct contracts if salons have sunbeds or sun showers in use. When choosing an insurance company ensure that it is one that knows your business well as sometimes business interruption is hard to calculate and even harder to get insurance companies to pay out.

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