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Hairdresser Insurance

by Mitko on April 17, 2012

Hairdresser Salon Insurance is an important form of insurance for the hairdressing industry simply because you are working with the public on a daily basis. This is a form of professional liability. This is a form of insurance which covers a third party in any part of the transaction. This form of insurance falls within […]

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Beauty Salon Insurance

by Mitko on February 29, 2012

When you own and operate your own business one of the most annoying words you will ever hear are ‘liability’. This is something which you are responsible for in any business and why insurance is a must and sometimes required by law. Liability insurance is important when you are dealing with the general public and […]

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Salon Insurance for Beaticians and Hairdressers

by maineadmin on October 25, 2011

Whether you own a UK hair or nail then beauty salon insurance is essential to protect your business. Whether your business is well run or only very small hazards are always round the corner so insurance is a must. Why buy salon insurance? Even if you are a mobile salon stylist or work from home there […]

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