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car insurance

Van Insurance Northern Ireland

by Denise on December 23, 2012

The liability insurance is compulsory for every motor vehicle that travels on public roads. It is intended to compensate injured third parties in response to a disaster caused by the vehicle. There are much more cars on the roads of Northern Ireland than vans, but this does not necessarily mean that the van insurance Northern […]

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Due to the many troubles experienced in Northern Ireland during the seventies, eighties and nineties, auto insurance became very hard to obtain and when you were able to find coverage, it was very expensive. This was because motor vehicles were used in many bombing situations, in risk racing, reckless driving as well as many vehicles […]

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Car Insurance Northern Ireland

by Denise on August 26, 2012

Car insurance Northern Ireland is mandatory for all motor vehicles. In exchange for an annual fee paid by the insured, also known as premium, the car insurance will cover the liability of the driver, ie will cover damage caused by the vehicle during an accident whoever may either the object (pedestrians, passengers, other vehicle components […]

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When facing the facts about insurance it is important to keep in mind that there are some historic difficulties when it comes to Northern Ireland insurance cover. Because of these, often it is harder to find insurers who will cover residents for a variety of insurance types and when they do the premiums are often […]

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