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How to get low cost taxi insurance

by Denise on September 23, 2012

Taxi insurance is a mandatory driving requirement in virtual every state which means a failure to take a cover could attract sanction to the driver. So long as it remains a commercial vehicle, the need for insurance becomes much more important. Of course, the purposes of the policy are to provide protection not only for […]

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Motor Trade Insurance

by Mitko on May 11, 2012

Motor Trade Insurance is very important for anyone who works in the motor trade industry. This is to cover you in the event something goes wrong. No one ever wants anything to go wrong, but sometimes bad things happen to the best of us. This isn’t just for people who sell cars, this insurance covers […]

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Commercial Vehicle Insurance

by Mitko on March 30, 2012

For any business, insurance coverage is important. Finding the right coverage is even more important. Also with a business one needs to get goods to the customer, which is just as important as being covered for any accidents or liabilities. Sometimes a company or business will have a commercial vehicle. Usually these are vehicles which […]

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