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Employers Liability

Business Insurance Northern Ireland

by Denise on August 19, 2012

Business insurance in Northern Ireland often requires a number of policies carried together. This is because professional cover tends to be more specified and so you’ll need policies that relate to certain areas a business will come in contact with. Firstly if you have an office, you need to look at carrying an office insurance […]

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Insurance for Tradesmen

by Denise on June 16, 2012

Are you a painter or a bricklayer, relying on personal recommendations for employment? There may be times when you have to suffer from an illness and no work coming in. In another scenario, a landscape gardener while laying out a new garden falls over some rubble that he had not noticed and breaks a leg. […]

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Shop Insurance

by Mitko on June 13, 2012

Preparing to go in to business is a big step and comes with many considerations and risks. You have invested time and money in to making your business a success, so it is vital to minimise the risks of failure or loss. Shop insurance is designed to cover the risks to your business if something […]

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Employer’s Liability Insurance

by Mitko on April 11, 2012

When you open your own business there are many forms of insurance required by law one must have in order to legally operate. Where most of these insurance policies are expensive and often an annoying monthly overhead, they exist to protect you and your business. One such form of insurance is called Employers Liability Insurance. […]

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