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indemnity insurance

Business Insurance Northern Ireland

by Denise on August 19, 2012

Business insurance in Northern Ireland often requires a number of policies carried together. This is because professional cover tends to be more specified and so you’ll need policies that relate to certain areas a business will come in contact with. Firstly if you have an office, you need to look at carrying an office insurance […]

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Professional Indemnity Insurance

by Mitko on May 23, 2012

Professional Indemnity Insurance, also known as professional liability insurance, protects professionals whose job it is to give advice and services which are used to defend people against others. This insurance coverage covers any errors and omissions made on the part of a defence in a court of law. This form of insurance covers people in […]

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Professional indemnity insurance. It’s regularly spoken about and everybody is encouraged to take it out, and in many places it’s compulsory. However, what does it actually do? Is it of any use or is it just one of those things that has to be paid for despite the fact that it has no real use? […]

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    Small business owners may well be some of the most exposed individuals to risk in the world. They have a variety of different things that could bring down their whole operation if they are not careful about what they are doing. It is precisely this that makes public liability insurance a great product […]

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