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Due to the many troubles experienced in Northern Ireland during the seventies, eighties and nineties, auto insurance became very hard to obtain and when you were able to find coverage, it was very expensive. This was because motor vehicles were used in many bombing situations, in risk racing, reckless driving as well as many vehicles […]

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Life Insurance Northern Ireland

by Denise on July 15, 2012

Getting Life Insurance Northern Ireland is one of the most important options you need to consider. Choosing the one that meets your needs and requirements might not be that easy, because the point is to find the insurance policy that is both affordable and offers solid protection. Assessing real needs and choosing the right product […]

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If you are interested in achieving the best possible car insurance quotes, you need to go online and start comparing insurance companies, their plans and premiums. There is no secret here; simple math and common sense. However, in order to compare car insurance Northern Ireland you need to know how and what to do to […]

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Motorbike Insurance Northern Ireland

by Denise on January 29, 2012

Motorbike insurance is a quite common type of insurance, and an absolutely necessary one, due to the high number of accidents with motorbikes. In fact, motorbike accidents have usually the largest amounts of casualties or seriously injured victims. People who drive motorbikes are aware of the dangers not only for their vehicle, but also for […]

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