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Home Insurance Northern Ireland

by Denise on July 15, 2012

Finding good quality, value for money home insurance in Northern Ireland is often a tedious and quite difficult process. Many UK based companies will not insure in Northern Ireland at all, and if they do the premiums are generally very high. Insurers base their quote on perceived risk. This is usually decided on historical events […]

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Life Insurance Northern Ireland

by Denise on April 29, 2012

Life insurance in Northern Ireland used to be a very costly policy to have. Along with most other types of cover, due to the violent past and issues surrounding Northern Ireland it was easier for companies to increase their premiums than ignore the history. Due to the calming of the country in the last decade […]

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Hackney Carriage Insurance

by Denise on April 8, 2012

Getting hackney carriage insurance is no different to get than other specialty insurance policies.  The hackney carriage began as a horse-drawn cab and today the hackney carriage is any taxicab licensed by the PCO, Public Carriage Office.  A hackney carriage is also taxicabs that are licensed in other non-metropolitan areas by the local authorities.  Some […]

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Business Car Insurance

by Mitko on March 12, 2012

Insurance is a type of risk management used protect against the risk of uncertain loss and liability. Also we can define the term insurance as the reasonable exchange of amount from one entity to another entity. There are many public and private sectors available who offer insurance to people for different coverage. They offer different […]

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