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Taxi drivers

You can get an insurance policy that includes breakdown cover.  There are very few professions that rely on their vehicles as much as taxi drivers, who don’t get paid unless they get on the road.   Having a vehicle in the shop means no income.  That is why many drivers chose to add breakdown cover to […]

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How to get cheap Insurance for taxi

by Denise on September 2, 2012

How to find cheap insurance for taxi is not a secret and it is not hard to do.  With the use of the Internet, it is easy today to get a quote on your insurance needs.  You merely have to log on and do a search for cheap insurance for taxi and you will get […]

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Hackney Insurance

by Denise on June 24, 2012

A hackney vehicle requires a special form of hackney insurance to cover the vehicle. The hackney refers to a carriage or vehicle for hire in the UK and they are regulated by the Public Carriage Office in London or the local authority in the non-metropolitan areas of Great Britain. In Northern Ireland, the Department of […]

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Cheap taxi insurance online quote is easy to get.  You can go online anytime of day or night.  There you can find online cheap taxi insurance quotes.  Some companies have an interactive wizard so this is helpful in two ways.  You can access this wizard any time of day or night.  If you come home […]

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