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Why is Car Insurance Cheaper for Women?

by Denise on January 6, 2013

For years, many have been making the statement that it’s a women’s world we live in. As a woman, I may not agree with this statement, but there are situations where it is beneficial to be a woman. Actually, there are many situations where it’s beneficial to be a woman; however, the one that now […]

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Analyzing why Car Insurance is Cheaper for Women?

by Denise on December 30, 2012

Most people think that women are given cheaper car insurance just for being women. But this is not the case. This article will give an insight on car insurance in Northern Ireland for women relative to men. Car insurance companies have been researched very thoroughly on the statistics of both men and women. On the […]

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Van Insurance Northern Ireland

by Denise on October 21, 2012

When owning a van, you should always own Van Insurance Northern Ireland. It is not only because you need to abide by the law, but also because a van is by default a vehicle used for professional or commercial reasons. Sometimes events tend to turn in an undesirable way, and when it comes to vans […]

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by Denise on September 30, 2012

Many people enjoy motorbike rides, but when it comes to getting it insured, they feel they don’t need it. They forget that there are more chances of getting into accidents while riding a bike than driving a car. Many people also get lost while making the decision of getting motorbike insurance. They fail to analyze […]

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