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unoccupied property insurance

Unoccupied Property Insurance

by Mitko on July 10, 2012

As a property owner, depending on the type of property, you have a plethora of insurance policies you need to pay up in order to do anything with your property. You can’t sell, rent or lease without some form of coverage. This also applies if you plan on doing nothing with your property and just […]

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Why do I need unoccupied property insurance?

by maineadmin on November 1, 2011

If you are a landlord and own a vacant building you need to ensure that the property is adequately protected by the right type of property insurance. Standard landlords insurance or property insurance usually only covers a property if it is left vacant for no more than 14 days, or 30 days. To ensure that […]

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A Guide To Buy-To-Let Insurance

by maineadmin on October 29, 2011

Buy-to-let insurance or landlords insurance is completely different to standard home insurance as there are many more things to consider. As a landlord you will have many responsibilities, one of which being to provide your tenants with a safe and secure property. A suitable buy to let insurance policy is able to protect you against […]

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