When one has a fleet of taxis in their businesses transportation service, one also requires insurance to cover all those taxis at once. It is nice to have one, comprehensive insurance to cover your entire fleet of taxis. This is called Taxi Fleet Insurance. This form of insurance can cover multiple vehicles at once.

A taxi business runs three hundred and sixty five days a year. In any one of those given days one of your drivers can have an accident. In that event you would need to be covered for a Third Party. Third Party is anything you have a business or service which caters to the public.

This is also called liability insurance, so in the event of this unforeseen accident all your fees will be covered. This not only includes both repairs for you and the third party but also any resulting legal fees that may arise from this accident. Court settlements can be expensive and if an uninsured business owner tries to pay out of pocket they may find themselves on the bad end of a bankruptcy, both for their business and personally. It would be nice to know that you are covered in this event.

Not only do you have this third party coverage but you also have coverage for fire and theft of your vehicle. Not only damage of the vehicle, but also theft or the loss of items within the vehicle during transit and use. This means if a customer losses or damages their belongings during transit in your taxi their possessions are covered.

This type of comprehensive insurance coverage cannot be beat. You will also find yourself with company when on the side of the road with a breakdown. This policy has roadside care as well, which means none of your drivers will ever be walking home should their taxi break down.

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