The influences on the price you pay for your Dental Plan Insurance

Dental plan insurance is only getting more and more expensive each year. But the truth is the main reasons for this increase in insurance premiums are due to factors which are well within our control and not due to the actions of dentists or insurance companies. While it may seem like a good idea to go off to an NHS dentist where you can have your dental care taken care of for free, often this is not a viable option as many NHS dentists have a full patient list and openings/registrations are limited.


One of the factors which vastly increases your dental plan insurance premium is the location of your dental clinic. Insurance companies take into account the sort of dental clinic you go to for your dental care needs. The way it works is that the more costly and the better dentists will lead to higher premiums whereas if you decide to go to an average dentist down the street then insurance premiums will typically be much lower.

Aesthetic Treatments

Aesthetic treatments drastically increases insurance premiums as these treatments are typically very costly and are usually carried out by private dentists exclusively. Due to the increase in prominence of makeover shows and the ever increasing influence of the media, treatments such as veneers and teeth whitening have increased exponentially.

Aesthetic treatments can add a lot on to your insurance premiums as they are seen as a nice to have rather than a necessary. More expensive materials used in some treatments will add on even more.

Limited Coverage

While most dental insurance plans will be described as providing comprehensive insurance, this is not strictly true as this usually only applies to some emergency treatments and regular checkups. Insurers will often make a patient pay out even more for their insurance by charging extra for supplementary cover if the individual in question has any pre-existing conditions or has a history of needing regular dental treatments.

Some insurers will go even further by out rightly refusing to cover somebody who has a pre-existing dental condition as they are considered to be too high-risk, but many will just charge premiums which are so high that the individual will look for cover elsewhere.

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