Regardless of where you live, it’s very important to carry good auto or van insurance. Northern Ireland drivers have a lot more responsibilities regarding insurance than drivers living in other areas of the UK. Obtaining good affordable auto or van insurance has been difficult in Northern Ireland because of the years of civil unrest that has surrounded Northern Ireland.

With so many years of hostile activities surrounding Northern Ireland, many of them involving motor vehicles, insurance on all motorized vehicles is either not offered by many insurance companies or is offered at very high premiums. The lack of competition in auto and van insurance companies is another reason why the insurance is almost unattainable and too expensive for many to afford.

Van Insurance Higher Than Cars

Northern Ireland has a very high rate of reckless driving, speeding, joyriding and using vehicles for illegal activities, all circumstances and actions that have made insurance as expensive or unattainable as it is.

Northern Ireland, along with other parts of the UK, requires a Ministry of Transport test (MOT) to be given to every vehicle older than three years. The MOT is an annual test that checks the safety of the vehicle, its roadworthiness and its exhaust emissions. Larger vans have a failure rate that’s almost 10% higher than small vans and cars. The main reasons for the failure are brakes, lights and suspension.

Over 25% of van owners and drivers fail to get their MOT certificate signifying that the vehicle has been successfully tested and passed. Failure to have this test done as required can result in a fine and your insurance coverage dropping, especially in the event of an accident.

Once the insurance is invalidated, the premiums will often increase when the driver completes the MOT and attempts to get the insurance once again. This is a major reason for higher insurance premiums on vans than what car owners have to pay.

Lower van insurance premiums are possible

As with state of Northern Ireland being under less distress and turmoil, drivers are being more cautious with their driving as well as exhibiting concern over the security of their cars and vans. These are contributing to more insurance companies offering van insurance coverage. Other things van owners can do to get lower premiums is driving safer, making sure their van is safely locked each night and providing it with a good security system. Paying the van insurance premium annually will usually make the premium lower than if monthly payments are made.

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