Where do you go for van insurance

Where do you start to look for van insurance when you need it? Well, your best option is go online and see what offers there are from insurance providers whose speciality is van insurance. You will find that there are several companies for you to browse through, before making your decision of whom you want to use.

You need your van insurance provider to answer any queries you have regarding your van in a professional manner and to help you ably and quickly, should there be a need to make a claim, or even for roadside assistance.

Vans are used for many purposes, and legally they must all be insured. Furthermore, for every type of van usage, there are different types of insurance involved.

Commercial Vans

As a key asset to many businesses, commercial vans tend to spend more time on the road than other vehicles; therefore, they need an adequate insurance cover together with regular maintenance to keep them in good roadworthy condition.

Besides vehicle tax, the law, states that it is an offence not to have at least third party insurance when driving any vehicle on a highway.

There is a definite difference in van insurance cost depending on the nature of the vans use.

• Carrying your own goods, such as using the van for taking own goods to a place of work. Examples of this are window cleaners, plumbers, or even a garden service.

• Haulage of other peoples goods for delivery, whereby you receive payment.

• Then there is van insurance for social and pleasure use, where home-based drivers who only use their vans for doing household shopping or taking their friends out.

Van insurance discounts

It makes no difference whether the van is used for social, domestic or business purposes, everybody wants having excellent quality insurance that preferably is cheap. With insurance costs constantly creeping upwards despite the competitive market, there are ways to get discounts.

Before deciding on a policy check out what providers will give discount for. They include the following;

• Management of security risks
o Overnight parking place
o Alarms
o Immobilising devices such as wheel clamp
• Keep down repair costs
o Simple paint schemes (decals and fancy sign writing are expensive to repair after an accident)
• Good driving record
o No claims bonus

Using a comparison site or a specialist vehicle insurance broker like Blueangeltech will result in cheaper van insurance