Why is Car Insurance Cheaper for Women?

As you look for car insurance you may wonder why car insurance is cheaper for women. More companies are beginning to offer policies that are only available for eligible female drivers. This is becoming more common in Northern Ireland as more insurers enter the market and they look for a way to lower their risks.

There are a few reasons for this happening. Firstly, women have a lower rate of accidents and other traffic incidents. They feature less in statistics for major accidents. While you may know many women who have minor incidents in their car, usually these claims against their insurance will be a lot less expensive than the more common accidents involving men.

Women have lower rates of speeding and other infringement types and with all of these combined; they have been long regarded as the safer driver. They cost their insurance companies less and as a result can access reduced premiums when compared to men of the same age.

If you’re a woman looking to get car insurance you’ll find that there are policies that have inclusions specific to your needs. Some will cover any loss involving your handbag and this means that you can feel safer if something occurs. They also often have a policy to provide faster roadside assistance because it is generally considered more dangerous for women to be in a situation alone.

One of the leading insurers of female drivers in Northern Ireland is Diamond who has fought hard to be able to keep offering a dedicated woman-only car insurance option. They were able to fight in court to keep the option available, showing that there was plenty of evidence to suggest that it was good business to offer cheaper insurance to women.

The other insurance companies are following and now many offer insurance policies catered for female drivers. These often mean that if the woman is the primary driver of the car insured they will find the fees are much lower and added peace of mind is often built into all policies for their benefit.

To summarize, car insurance is cheaper for women because they statistically have a much lower rate of costing the insurer. It’s basically that simple. It’s a lower risk option for them. As a result there are tailored insurance options to cover women that will offer reduced premiums due to the reduced perceived risk level.

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