Analyzing why Car Insurance is Cheaper for Women?

Most people think that women are given cheaper car insurance just for being women. But this is not the case. This article will give an insight on car insurance in Northern Ireland for women relative to men.

Car insurance companies have been researched very thoroughly on the statistics of both men and women. On the basis of these statistics, insurance companies in Northern Ireland have figured out that women drivers are not involved in as many accidents as men. The other important fact tells us that accidents caused by women are not as disastrous as those caused by men. Men drivers tend to be more rash and fast in their driving, which causes them to get into horrible accidents. This makes them more risky in the eyes of the insurance companies. So when they analyze men drivers as more risky, they charge them a higher insurance premium. Most women drive their cars with more precaution and responsibility. They tend to pass their licensing exams on the first attempt as opposed to most men. Mostly car associated crimes are done by men rather than women. They tend to make fewer claims to the insurance company. All those factors lower their risk level.

All of the above-mentioned factors make women less risky and that is why they get cheaper insurance rates. The ratio of women getting their cars insured are less than men getting the coverage. Insurance policies have tried to attract women customers so they have set up cheaper insurance premiums for them. Car insurance policies are cheaper for women until the age of 45. When they cross this age, their insurance policies become equal to those of men. This is because they get as dangerous and rash as men and hence more risky for the insurance company.

Women are much more safe drivers as observed from the statistics. They deserve to be rewarded with cheaper car insurance policies. There are many companies available that provide female car insurance policies. It is always recommended to first search through the quotes from the internet and then select the insurance company. Once the company is selected, keep your eyes open and go through all the benefits and exclusions that are included in the policy.

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