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November 2011

Business Insurance Northern Ireland

by maineadmin on November 30, 2011

Business insurance in Northern Ireland can protect your business against damage or loss assets. The cost of insurance depends on the insurance company that assess the likelihood of damage and the amount of which it should do if it would cause. This guide provides information for different types of insurance – commercial or general – […]

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Children’s Soft Play Insurance Overview

by maineadmin on November 27, 2011

  With more and more parents finding it necessary for both to go out and work, the demands for professional childcare are more prevalent in today’s world. This in turn has resulted in the formation of an abundance of childcare facilities, both by private enterprise and local authorities. A Children’s Soft Play Insurance package, whilst […]

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Black Taxi Insurance

by maineadmin on November 26, 2011

A black taxi, otherwise known as a black cab or hackney carriage, is a specific vehicle that’s available for hire. It can be flagged down in the street or hired from a taxi rank, and, as the name suggests, is usually black. It’s a common sight in cities across the UK and has a very […]

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Residential Landlords Insurance in the UK

by maineadmin on November 1, 2011

Although residential landlords insurance is not a legal requirement for landlords to hold, it is a good idea as it can protect the property owner from a whole host of different risks and threats. There are probably hundreds of policies available from a range of insurers but finding the one to suit you can be […]

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