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Children’s Soft Play Insurance Overview

by maineadmin on November 27, 2011

  With more and more parents finding it necessary for both to go out and work, the demands for professional childcare are more prevalent in today’s world. This in turn has resulted in the formation of an abundance of childcare facilities, both by private enterprise and local authorities. A Children’s Soft Play Insurance package, whilst […]

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Quad bikes have becoming more and more popular in the last decade than ever before. They are used on the roads, nowadays, and still off-road on leisure trails and rides around forests, sand dunes and anyway else an off-road vehicle can go. From the Yorkshire Dales to the Cotswolds to the Pembrokeshire coast, there are […]


When you’re running a paintball or airsoft business you need to cover your back and protect your customers by investing in paintball airsoft insurance. Having the right sort of cover will not only be beneficial for your company, in the event of accidents, theft or fire damage to the equipment or premises, but if there […]


Protect Your Business With Outdoor Pursuits Insurance

by maineadmin on October 22, 2011

Outdoor pursuits insurance is one type of insurance that is a must for any outdoor pursuits or leisure-based business. With corporate events, stag-dos and birthday parties heading to the great outdoors for group leisure activities, it’s vital to have the right sort of cover as people will and do unfortunately injure themselves on trips like […]