Why is Car Insurance Cheaper for Women?

For years, many have been making the statement that it’s a women’s world we live in. As a woman, I may not agree with this statement, but there are situations where it is beneficial to be a woman. Actually, there are many situations where it’s beneficial to be a woman; however, the one that now comes to mind is getting cheap car insurance. Northern Ireland has, for many years, made it very difficult to obtain auto insurance because of the many troubles their country has experienced way back to the seventies.

Since many of these problems involved motor vehicles being stolen, driven recklessly, raced, smashed, used as bombs, etc., insurance companies found themselves with more claims than they cared to handle. The result: lack of auto insurance offered or exceptionally high premiums.

Since most of these problems are in the past, many companies are once again offering auto insurance. Women, however, are charged less for their auto insurance than men are. What many don’t realize is that Northern Ireland is not the only place where car insurance is cheaper for women. Why is this typically the case?

Men may accuse women of not paying attention or not being able to handle a care as well as them. While some of this may be true the fact of the matter is that while men may have better control of a car than a woman does, they don’t control themselves as well! Women are more cautious drivers and have the sense to believe that one mistake they make may cause a serious accident.

Men much more than women commit some of the most serious driving offenses. These offenses include driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, reckless driving and speeding. When was the last time you seen two women side by side revving up their engines and getting ready to race. Even when they are not racing, they typically drive faster and with less caution than women do. From the records of a police force, women are more law-abiding citizens than men, especially with driving.

Men, as a rule, like flashier sporty cars while women are usually more into economical and conservative cars, which cost less to repair in the case of an accident. This is not to say that women do not get into accidents because they do. However, because men are driving more expensive cars to repair, it’s going to cost the insurance company more money to fix them.

Because men drive faster than women do, when there is an accident, there is going to be more damage to the car that’s going the fastest. Therefore, the next time you hear a man call a woman the weaker sex, you can chuckle loudly!

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