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personal injury claim

Residential Landlords Insurance in the UK

by maineadmin on November 1, 2011

Although residential landlords insurance is not a legal requirement for landlords to hold, it is a good idea as it can protect the property owner from a whole host of different risks and threats. There are probably hundreds of policies available from a range of insurers but finding the one to suit you can be […]

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When you’re running a paintball or airsoft business you need to cover your back and protect your customers by investing in paintball airsoft insurance. Having the right sort of cover will not only be beneficial for your company, in the event of accidents, theft or fire damage to the equipment or premises, but if there […]


Protect Your Business With Outdoor Pursuits Insurance

by maineadmin on October 22, 2011

Outdoor pursuits insurance is one type of insurance that is a must for any outdoor pursuits or leisure-based business. With corporate events, stag-dos and birthday parties heading to the great outdoors for group leisure activities, it’s vital to have the right sort of cover as people will and do unfortunately injure themselves on trips like […]


Marquee hire insurance is one of the first aspects you should consider when running a marquee hire company. With the large demand of people wanting some covered outdoor space to hold parties, celebrations and weddings, it’s vital to be suitably insured to protect your company against compensation claims and to insure the items themselves in […]